Strength Training

1 to 1 or Group Sessions

At APC physio & sports clinics we offer a range of fitness training options to suit your needs.. If you are like the majority of people out there that know the value of exercise and you need to

  • Get fitter
  • Stay mobile & active
  • Get support & guidance from someone who knows
  • Loose some excess weight
  • Get stronger & build their core
  • Have someone there to motivate them
  • Get help with setting up a programme
  • Monitor progress so they avoid over training
  • Improve their training technique
  • Avoid recurrent injury

We are there to help set you up with a programme that will change how you train and ultimately how you feel.. You will learn how to train smarter and more efficiently so that you get the best results without having to put in endless hours of training that does not deliver results.

You can arrange a group or one-to-one session to suit your requirements.  

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Strength Training For RUNNERS

This programme is specific to people who run and want to;

  • improve their times
  • train a little harder
  • Stop cramping in longer races
  • Reduce recurrent injuries
  • Improve running mechanics
  • Learn how to train smarter not harder
  • Work on power and speed

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