Online Physio Consultation


Online Physio Consultation


With the current climate and COVID 19 lockdown in place, APC Physio and Sports Clinic are offering online consultations at a 40% reduction to all our new and existing clients. We fully understand and appreciate the financial burden that everyone has to endure and therefore we are more than happy to offer this significant discount in these unique times.

We are here to help you by providing 1-to-1 Physio Appointments.

These video appointments can be done through WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, whatever works best.

We provide self-treatment advice to reduce pain.

We provide you with a customised exercise plan and take you through your rehab journey step by step until you are back to where you want to be.

We’re here to reassure you every step of the way. In fact, recent research has shown that video physiotherapy appointments have been just as effective as face to face appointments.

If you have any queries, you can call (025 35015) (0857740559), email ([email protected]) or message us on Facebook.

From Patrick Hanley & all the team at APC PHYSIO & SPORTS CLINIC

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Whats Involved?

If you are unsure about where to turn for help and advice because you have had several bad experiences in the past don’t worry.We understand where you are coming from and how frustrating and expensive it can be. You don’t mind spending money as long as you are seeing meaningful results.

People find these really helpful because it gives you the opportunity to speak or meet with one of our physiotherapists so you can get a better understanding of how our proven treatment system can help you.

You can ask us whatever questions you may have and our clients always feel much more at ease when they book their first consultation with us because they have had the chance to get a feel for what we do and how we do it in our clinics.  (Please note :There are no treatments as part of these free taster sessions – treatment and advise starts at the first appointment.