Movement Revolution

Our classes guarantee significant improvements in core strength, mobility, flexibility, postural awareness and sports performance. The class, lead by a physio, will support you on your journey to achieving your fitness goals, helping you on your way to a full and long lasting recovery after an injury or improving sports performance.

Our classes help support you on your journey:

Each class will guarantee to build core strength so that you regain confidence in how you move so that you can do all those things that you were unable to do before because you were too afraid that the pain would come back.

We understand how daunting this can be at the start but we also know how rewarding and life changing it is in the end because we see it with all of our clients when they report:

  • feeling like they can move without pain
  • they wake up in the morning with little or no stiffness compared to before their time with us
  • they are no longer afraid of bending down to lift heavier items
  • they can do the gardening again without the fear of their aches and pains coming back
  • they can play whatever sports they like because they have built themselves up and they are confident that they can do it ,,, time and time again.
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Movement Revolution is a series of exercise that will leave you feeling fit, flexible and pain free
after just 10 weeks. The movement sequences or flows are delivered in a class, small group or one to one setting. Most people enjoy our classes best.

The class uses the most effective exercises that we use in clinic on a daily basis to get people back to full fitness and free from pain. These exercises are condensed into carefully structured movement flows that will improve:

  • your core strength
  • flexibility
  • joint mobility
  • running technique
  • breathing efficiency
  • balance and
  • postural awareness

Created by Patrick Hanley & Danny Mc Auliffe – Movement Revolution’s fluid combination of flows have proven to deliver results again and again during their 25 years of clinical practice. These flows target multiple body parts at the one time and use a particular combination of breathing and movements to get the best results from your body.

Danny & Patrick are certain that anybody engaging in the programme will feel reconnected with their body with a new level of control and awareness that will leave them feeling strong, more flexible, de-stressed and injury so you can train harder for longer.

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Whats Involved?

If you are unsure about where to turn for help and advice because you have had several bad experiences in the past don’t worry.We understand where you are coming from and how frustrating and expensive it can be. You don’t mind spending money as long as you are seeing meaningful results.

People find these really helpful because it gives you the opportunity to speak or meet with one of our physiotherapists so you can get a better understanding of how our proven treatment system can help you.

You can ask us whatever questions you may have and our clients always feel much more at ease when they book their first consultation with us because they have had the chance to get a feel for what we do and how we do it in our clinics.  (Please note :There are no treatments as part of these free taster sessions – treatment and advise starts at the first appointment.